Gazebos / Arbors / Pergolas

Often associated with Classical architecture, gazebos are popular pavilion structures are usually used for relaxation, pleasure and leisure usage. They can be large or small, octagonal, square or even rectangular in shape. You may have seen them at parks or even at your friends’ pool-side.

A gazebo is any outdoor structure that offers a 360-degree view of the surroundings through the pillars or walls that support the roof. This means, they are open spaces that will provide you protection from Mother Nature while still letting you enjoy the pleasure of the weather surrounding you.

Mostly seen in warm and sunny climates, having a gazebo for you and your loved ones to enjoy is an ultimate upgrade to your home. Imagine the possibilities; you might even make a small “family room” outside. Your belongings will be safe since they will be covered by the roof on top of you. The best part is that everyone can have one of these monumental and astonishing structures at their house. You may choose to build it as simple as you could possibly envision, or as embellished and decorated as you could possibly afford. The options are countless; it depends on your taste and what you are looking for.