Crownsville Fence Builder Services

Fences protect children and pets in your yard, secure your home, and add value to your property. Our team of professionals at Stewart Landscape & Design can build you a fence that meets all your security, privacy, and aesthetic needs.

Fencing Styles

Fences are part of your property and should blend in with the overall style and look of your home in order to add to its curb appeal and value. Stewart Landscape & Design offer the following style fences:

  • Iron
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Chain link
  • Lattice
  • Picket
  • Ornamental
  • Board and batten
  • Split rail

If you’re not sure what style of fence you would like, our team of Crownsville, Maryland, fence builders can assist. We offer a free estimate and advice on the functions of specific fences and help you to envisage what the finished product looks like once it’s built.

Reasons for Building a Fence

Swimming pool, spa, and hot tub fencing. The Arundel County Property Maintenance Code requires that any structure that contains water over 24 inches in depth that is in a residential property must be surrounded by a barrier to safeguard against health and safety hazards. Our fence builders in Crownsville, Maryland, are extremely familiar with the regulations surrounding this code with regard to fence heights, access gates and appropriate types of fencing to be used.

Privacy fencing. If you require privacy in a corner of your yard or for the whole garden, privacy fencing is an attractive and reasonably priced option — check out our Coupon page for generous deals. When you throw your next family barbecue, invite your kids’ friends over for a swim, or just want to relax in the garden, a privacy fence makes sure that the whole neighborhood and people in passing cars can’t see what you’re doing. In addition, fences help to block noise, whether it’s from your happy teenagers or the sound of traffic driving down your road.

Pet Fencing. Keeping pets secure is one of the most important requirements of a pet owner. Our team at Stewart Landscape & Design know precisely which fences are best for keeping pets safe so they can’t clamber through gaps or jump over the top of the structure.

Why Choose Stewart Landscape & Design

We are one of the most highly rated fence builders in Crownsville, Maryland and are the winner of the Angie’s List Prestigious Silver Service Award for 2012 and 2011. Whether you require a new fence or repairs to an existing fence, we are here to meet that need as we put our over 25 years of experience to work for you.

Contact Stewart Landscape & Design today by calling us on 410-266-8586 or through our online request form. We will give you a free estimate, and once accepted will work through your fencing project until completion.